The Energy & Infrastructure Club at Columbia Business School plans and organizes a variety of events. Our objective is to connect our club members to companies, organizations, colleagues, and professionals operating in the space. 

Annual Energy Symposium

The Columbia Energy Symposium is the largest student-run energy event in New York City, bringing together more than 300 energy professionals, students, faculty, leaders, and executives representing industry, government, and society, to explore and advance our insights into today's challenging energy questions. Key topics for discussion will include geopolitics of renewable energy, clean energy finance, corporation's role in clean energy advancement, future of electric vehicles, grid digitalization, and peak oil.

The Symposium is a joint collaboration between Columbia University’s SIPA Energy Association (SEA), CBS Energy Club, the Green Business Club, Engineering Energy Club, and the Environmental Law Society.


Our educational events serve as a way for our community to learn about the many exciting facets of the energy and infrastructure space. We leverage the in-house expertise of our community as well as professors, professionals, and industry experts to improve our understanding of these topics in a way that is accessible for complete newcomers and informative for seasoned professionals


Our professional events are forums for companies and professionals in the industry to meet, interact, and connect with our student community. Members of the Energy & Infrastructure Club gain exposure to exciting opportunities in the industry and an understanding for the kind of work these companies are undertaking.



The community of students and experts in the energy and infrastructure space at Columbia is diverse, with varied background and experience. Our community events connect students interested in the space within the business school as well as the broader community, university wide.